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He Who Ships Himself

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Kame Ships Himself with Everything
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Kame Ships Himself with Everything

Welcome to the Kame/anyonething comm! This community is dedicated to shipping the fabulously sexy, amazingly shippable and perfectly flawless Kamenashi Kazuya. If this is relevant to your interests, please feel free to join or watch the comm. If only Kame-pretty interests you, please join the awesome kamera_korner.

This is the comm where you post fics, picspams, news, flaily!!!! posts that involves Kame + another XXX (please fill in the XXX yourself). To uphold the name of the comm itself, you're encouraged to capslock every breathing moment you get and most importantly, SHIPPING KAME IS A SUPER AWESOME ACTIVITY AND NO AMOUNT OF FLAIL CAN EQUATE TO HIS SPARKLY AWESOMENESS!!!

The main activity in the comm is to actively ship Kame to as many people and thing as possible - and we mean that. You can ship Kame with Maru, Nino, KimuTaku, Nakama Yukie, the chair in 16 seconds, the cane in w/o notice??, the sword in 1582, heck, even HIMSELF. We have a monthly theme, but it doesn't mean you're only supposed to post by the theme. It more or less serves as a reminder to people who are thinking about the theme and have this "hey, it's time to pimp it" moment. In short we are very loose, but we also love to post along with the theme. If this confuses you, please post a comment at the intro post and one of the mods will attend to you shortly.

Speaking of mods, they are:

cease11: Who is responsible for the layout, the pretty header, the profile code AND the awesome Kame/Kame initiating prompts. She's very, very, very creative and very, very nice. In the event you find yourself getting bullied by that other maintainer *cough*, please contact her via PM.

scorch66: Who is mostly known for writing a SUPER AWESOME AND SUPER COHERENT Kame love post; please direct your attention here and here. She's very, very, very thoughtful and very, very, very resourceful. Also, if you find another maintainer unbearably lazy, please contact her via PM.

alienashi: Is nuts. Nuff' said. In cases of emergency (for example, mental breakdown), please dial 911.


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